Our data centers located all over the world.

North America

LAX – Los Angeles, CA – VPLS

Building Information 100,000 square feet
DC Description Up to 6kW per cabinet
UPS Systems 2N and N+1 AC UPS power, 2N DC power is available
Generators 2N and N emergency generator configuration
Security 24×7 staffing and site access, mantraps, CCTV surveillance, and biometric access control
Emergency Protection Dual-interlock, dry-pipe pre-action fire suppression system with VESDA
Premium Test IP
Standard Test IP


IAD – Ashburn, VA – VPLS

Building Information IAD1 – 360,000 square feet
IAD2 – 92,037 square feet
DC Description IAD1 – 176,200 square feet of raised floor space design
36.4 MW critical load power
IAD2 – 4.0 kVA per cabinet
UPS Systems IAD1 – 32 Rotary power systems with 1,300 kW of critical output each
IAD2 – N+1 Block Redundant System
Generators IAD1 – 32 diesel-powered engine generators with 2,250 kW capacity each
Four 50,000 gallon underground diesel storage tanks
IAD2 – Seven 2,500 kW diesel engine-generator power
Security IAD1 – Staffed 24/7
Electronic card key access and dual authentication with biometric readers
24/7 interior and exterior CCTV surveillance
IAD2 – Staffed 24/7
“Man trap” entry, perimeter fence and gate
CCTV and Recorders, Motion Detection, Hand Geometry Readers, Fiber Vault
Emergency Protection IAD1 – Smoke detector and laser based incipient smoke detection systems and double interlocked pre-action sprinkler system
IAD2 – Double-interlocked, pre-action (dry pipe)
Test IP

Canada – Coming Soon

Detailed Information Coming Soon


  • France

  • British

  • Germany

  • Netherland


  • Hong Kong, GBE^

  • Taiwan, ROC*

  • China, PRC^^

^GBE = Global Best Effort (routing)

*ROC = Routing Optimized for China

^^PRC = Precise Routing in China